Our main purpose is to make grants to fund or part-fund short breaks for those of any age, living in England and Wales

The Victoria Convalescent Trust (VCT) is a registered charity (no.1064585).

address: C/O RPGCC, 40 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BT. 

telephone: 07768 742940


Please be aware that once the Victoria Convalescent Trust (VCT) has provided a grant for a short break or a grant for an item or provided an item, for an applicant, this then becomes the property of the applicant and therefore the VCT holds no responsibility for any dispute, maintenance or after care services that may at anytime occur.



'Her holidays are the highlight of her life. So an enormous thank you.'

'My stay helped me a lot through a very difficult time.'

'I enjoyed our seven-day holiday ... it gave us the opportunity to spend some quality time together.'

'She enjoyed [her holiday] enormously. She went on outings nearly every day, enjoyed the food, company and the kindness of the carers.'

'We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and it has made a huge difference to our well being.'

'A massive thank you for the holiday. We had a wonderful four days. The hotel was amazing! Absolutely beautiful, the staff were so helpful and attentive, the food delicious and the rooms stunning. The biggest joy was xxxx’s room had been kindly booked with a roll-in shower. We are in the long process of relocation to a suitable property due to medical grounds and he had his first shower in over 18 months at the hotel. Twice a day! He was in heaven! This holiday truly was a god-send.'

'The Young Carer is absolutely over the moon and so grateful and will be sending some words of thanks which I will forward. I apply for lots of grants for people but this one was truly a delight because she is a young lady with a huge amount of responsibility and that’s made more difficult knowing her health could deteriorate the same way as her mums due to the genetic condition she has inherited. She certainly deserves to have some fun and just be young and free for a few days.  Thanks again for all your help making this young lady’s dream come true!'

'We had brilliant support from the Victoria Convalescent Trust in providing short holidays and rests for our vulnerable clients, all who have had meaningful and regenerative experiences from the opportunity.'

My two nights in London at the beginning of July with my sister were extremely valuable for my mental health and provided something to look forward to and think back on amongst my painful / stressful mostly bed-bound existence. I have been in bed 24/7 for the last 2 weeks recovering from the holiday's exertions but have the most beautiful memories from these two days that keep me smiling and will keep me going even through the darkest days.