Our main purpose is to make grants to fund or part-fund short breaks for those of any age, living in England and Wales


Grant applications must be submitted by a professionally qualified health or social care worker (please refer to detailed list below) who is actively involved or has been actively involved with the intended recipient(s) within the previous 12 months of the date of the grant application.  The grant application must be submitted on-line as the VCT is unable to consider paper grant applications.

The VCT is unable to consider grant applications that have been submitted by family, friends or colleagues of the intended recipient even if the family member, friend or colleague is a professionally qualified, health, social care or other relevant professional.

Priority for grant making is given to those who have not received a grant in the past.

The VCT is only able to consider the submission of one grant application per twelve-month period on behalf of an individual or family.

Depending upon the funds available and the demand for these funds, it may be possible for the VCT to consider an individual or family for a further grant in a consecutive year. However no more than two consecutive grants will be made, although applications for grants in future years will be given consideration.

Grants will only be offered for individuals / families to stay in accommodation that is advertised in an open market and where details are available for the VCT to make checks on the accommodation and / or the provider.

The VCT is unable to accept grant applications submitted by Agencies who manage or provide the short break venue that a potential grant is being used to fund.

The VCT is able to accept grant applications from any of the following:

a)  A professionally qualified health or social care worker

b)  A statutory organisation that provides a health care, social care, education or advice service

c)  A registered charity that is contracted to provide a statutory health care, social care or advice service

d)  A Citizens Advice Worker

e) The prison or probation service (National Offender Management Service, NOMS)

f)  A tenancy support worker employed by either a Local Authority, Industrial and Provident Society or a Housing Association which is registered with the Housing Corporation.

Additional supporting information may be required from a professionally qualified health or social care worker in the case of 'b' to 'f' above.

We are unable to accept grant applications from any organisation that does not meet the above criteria.
Individuals who are in need of a short break due to disability, poor health or their role as a carer should approach an approved organisation for support with the application process.