Our main purpose is to make grants to fund or part-fund short breaks for those of any age, living in England and Wales


An application for a grant needs to be made using the VCT online application form. 

  • Guidelines are printed on the first page of the form and these should be read very carefully.
  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the referring agency to adhere to Data Protection regulations and to obtain consent from the potential beneficiary for the confidential information contained in the application form to be disclosed.
  • The VCT may on occasion request further information from the Referring agency and may seek clarification from other Charities in order to ensure that the grant award process is fair and equitable.
  • Please note that lack of information or clarity will lead to delays in the decision making process.
  • All grant payments are made directly to the Service Provider usually by BACS payment or to the referring agency and not to the grant beneficiary.  In view of this, wherever possible, please provide the Agency Bank Account details in the grant application.
  • Please note that receipts for all purchases for a short break or item made through a grant payment will need to be emailed to the VCT for auditing purposes to evidence that the grant was used for its intended purpose.  Failure to provide a receipt will result in the VCT being unable to accept future grant applications from the Referring Agency.